Saturday February 17th 2018
997 Hampshire Lane
Richardson, TX 75080-8105

About Johnson Medical Associates

We are a team of professionals experienced in environmental medicine, allergy, women’s health and chronic illness that is dedicated to maintaining your optimal health. Supporting our professionals is a Dallas allergist staff consisting of Registered Nurses, certified Medical Assistants, and other qualified individuals.

Our facility has many patient-friendly features including:

  • A direct first floor entrance from the parking lot to avoid the fumes and odors of other tenants
  • Fully computerized medical records system for instant retrieval of patient information
  • Filtered air and water
  • Constructed with environmentally safer materials
  • Open environment situated around an open-air courtyard
  • Cottonwood Park, with its tree-lined, paved walking trail and other outdoor recreation amenities, is one block east of the clinic

Clinic Policies/Requirements

Many of our patients are highly sensitive to various environmental factors. In order to provide surroundings suitable for their needs we have instituted few clinic policies and requirements for all patients both before and after their arrival at our clinic. Your adherence to the policies listed below as well as any sacrifices necessary on your part is required and will be greatly appreciated by all.

All who enter the clinic should refrain from using or wearing scented personal care products such as:

  • Hand soap with perfume
  • Scented laundry detergent
  • Fabric softener
  • Perfume
  • Scented aftershave
  • Scented hair spray
  • Shampoo with fragrance
  • Conditioner with fragrance
  • Scented deodorant
  • Perfumed bath powders
  • Hand lotion with fragrance
  • Scented cosmetics

Patients, family members, and guests should refrain from smoking the day of the clinic visit, as smoke clings to you and your clothes, etc. If you or anyone accompanying you to your appointment cannot “go without tobacco” that long, at least one hour should elapse before entering the clinic, or using nicotine gum or patch might help.

To learn more about Johnson Medical Associates and the work we do, contact us today at 972-479-0400.