Saturday February 17th 2018
997 Hampshire Lane
Richardson, TX 75080-8105

Dallas Homeopathic Doctor – Judith J Pruzzo-Hawkins

Judith Pruzzo-Hawkins has more that 25 years of experience and training in classical homeopathy. She is a licensed registered pharmacist with five years experience in hospital pharmacy and is certified in Classical Homeopathy by the Council of Homeopathy. She has studied extensively with the National Center for Homeopathy, George Vithoulkas, M.H., (world-renowned master homeopath) and Paul Herscu, N.D. Seminars by Ananda Zaren, R.N., Prahash Vakil, M.D., Massimo Mangialavory, M.D., Jan Scholten, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Maui Academy of Homeopathy, International Foundation of Homeopathy, and American Institute of Homeopathy have also been an integral part of her training.

Judith is a founding member, a frequent speaker, has served as Secretary-Treasurer and is Vice-President of the Texas Society of Homeopathy and has organized six Annual TSH Conferences in Dallas, TX.  She is the chairman of a professional monthly Homeopathic DFW study group.

Appointments with Judith can be scheduled through the JMA Appointment Desk.

If you’re interested in learning more about Homeopathy, she will be offering 4 to 12 hour seminars for both lay people and professionals. Contact her for more information.

You can contact Judith Pruzzo directly at
972-479-0400 Ext.  322
Toll Free: 1-800-807-7555
Fax: 972-479-9435

About Homeopathy

The word ‘homeopathy’ is derived from Greek words: homeo (like or similar) and pathy (suffering or illness).  Homeopathy is a sophisticated method of individualizing small doses of medicines in order to initiate a healing response.  Homeopathy uses a  natural pharmaceutical system that utilizes micro doses of substances from the plant, mineral or animal kingdom to arouse a person’s natural healing response.  Homeopathic medicines work by stimulating the immune and defense system, in contrast to conventional drugs which act primarily on symptoms, and thus may improve your overall level of health.

Many Conditions Can Be Helped and Sometimes Cured:

  • Headaches: sinus, migraines
  • PMS, menopause disorders
  • Constipation/diarrhea/gas
  • Muscle pain or sport injuries
  • Colds, sore throats and flu
  • Sinus, hay fever and allergy
  • Poison ivy, eczema, hives
  • Psoriasis
  • Stress, grief, relationships
  • Resentful, angry or irritable
  • Anxiety, panic and  fear
  • Memory/ADD/Concentration
  • Learning disorders

To make an appointment to see Dr. Pruzzo-Hawkin, contact Johnson Medical Associates today by calling 972-479-0400.