Saturday February 17th 2018
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Dallas Medical Testing

Medical Evaluations

  • Breast Thermography
  • Allergy Testing/Evaluation – Foods, Pollens, Molds and Chemicals
  • Preservative-Free Allergy Testing
  • Customized Allergy Extracts
  • Chemical Booth Challenge Chamber for Chemical Sensitivity Documentation
  • Pulmonary Function Assessment/Methacholine Challenge
  • Cardiac Evaluation – EKG
  • Blood and Tissue Analysis
  • Toxic Exposure Evaluation

One of our clinical objectives is to treat those with Chronic Illness. Through laboratory and clinical investigation, we strive to discover the cause of the problem, initiate a treatment program in accordance with your particular needs, and follow through to achieve your health objectives.

  • Immune System Evaluation
    • T and B Lymphocyte Panel with assessment of Interlukin 1 and 2
    • Evaluation of Immune complements
    • Assessment of Immunoglobulins
    • Assessment of auto antibodies
  • Nutritional Evaluation
    • RBC Mineral Analysis
    • Amino Acid Analysis
    • Organic Acid Analysis
    • Vitamin Profile
    • Digestive Enzyme Analysis
  • Environmental Evaluation
    • Home Environment
    • Dust, Mold, Chemicals
    • Climate control system, air filtration
    • Work Environment
      • Chemicals, carbon dioxide, mold, dust, and other particulates
    • Assessment of air quality near home and work
      • Chemicals, mold, bacteria, pollen
  • Neurological Evaluation
    • EEG

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