Saturday February 17th 2018
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By: BOB GROTZ, Journal Register News Service

Owens out with ankle sprain

PHILADELPHIA – Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens has a fractured fibula that doesn’t need surgery and a sprained ankle that does.

What that seemingly contradictory diagnosis means for Eagles fans is Owens could fly with his teammates to Jacksonville for Super Bowl XXXIX, should the club be so fortunate, but would need a minor miracle to play in the game.

“If things would work out, there is an outside chance he can be prepared to play in that game in some role,” Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder said Monday. “But there are a lot of hurdles that have to be taken on before he can ever get to that point.”

Injured Sunday, Owens was driven Monday to the Institute of Foot and Ankle Surgery in Baltimore and examined extensively by Dr. Mark Myerson after a Magnetic Resonance Imaging test was “inconclusive.” Myerson agreed surgery was necessary to stabilize the ankle joint Burkholder said contained “a tremendous amount of damage.” The procedure is scheduled for Wednesday.

Owens also suffered a spiral fracture of the fibula 10 centimeters below the knee in addition to what Burkholder termed a severe high ankle sprain.

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