5 Healthy Ways to Start the New Year Right

There’s more to health than eating right and adopting a rigid work out routine. It takes regular check-ups, lifestyle changes, and less conventional ways of reconnecting with yourself and the world. Here is a guide to improve your health and wellness in 2019.  

Reconnect with Nature

Even though it’s January weather outside, we can always benefit from fresh air (whether cold or warm). This new year, bundle up and hit the trails. An outdoor walk can naturally increase endorphins, improve the functioning of your brain, lower your blood pressure and stress hormones, and bring you a sense of joy and motivation. Not only movement, but simply being outdoors can give you a much-needed refresher. From the soothing sounds of the birds to the fresh, open air, experiencing what’s outside your front door can give you a new outlook on life.

Center Yourself Through Sound and Silence

The benefits of calmness, mindfulness, and centering the self are underrated, as there are many ways to achieve an improved state of mental wellness, which affects your physical wellness. An approaching trend in 2019 utilizes the power of sound, much like those soothing birds on an afternoon walk; some employ the use of singing bowls, sound machines, relaxation videos, and more. Harvard Medical School finds sound has been shown to help improve your cardiovascular health along with your endocrine and immune system. On the other hand, silence can have a similar effect on you through meditation or yoga, which can help you focus on just one of your senses, concentrate on deep muscle relaxation, or reconnect with your physical core.

If You Don’t Snooze, You Lose

We spend so much of our lives sleeping, something incredibly vital to our health. When you’re running on empty, it can increase irritability and make it hard to concentrate. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found in 2017 that sleep disorders are so pervasive in the U.S. that it’s classified as a public health epidemic. Lack of sleep can even interfere with daily tasks and situations like driving or job performance. You can contact us at Johnson Medical Associates to get an overnight sleep apnea screening.

If your resolution for 2019 is to catch more z’s, check out these pro-sleep tips:

  1. Make your bedroom an oasis. (Don’t watch tv in your bedroom, and designate it as the place where you sleep only.)
  2. Turn the tech off 1 to 2 hours before turning in.
  3. Stick to a schedule, and hit the hay at the same time every night.
  4. Make sure you have the right temperature in the bedroom, anywhere from 60 to 68 degrees.
  5. Cut down on caffeine.



Learn Something New in 2019

Expand your horizons and learn something new in 2019. Whether it’s a new language, how to knit, or perhaps playing an instrument, challenging yourself to a new skill can do wonders. It improves your mental well being, critical thinking, and can slow cognitive aging. Music is a great example, as it can alter your mood and be an emotional outlet. Turn your joy or sadness into a piece of art by expressing yourself, while improving how you think and mentally perform. Playing an instrument can also help sharpen your reading, listening and concentration levels as you recognize different notes. Meanwhile, it can better regulate your breathing, directly benefiting your respiratory system.

Check Yourself Before You Check into 2019

2019 is a chance to start new, which means you want to be sure everything’s working right from the start. Visit your doctor or contact us at Johnson Medical Associates to get that baseline checkup before making your 2019 health and wellness plans.


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