Patient Testimonials

Johnson Medical Associates is a state-of-the-art medical clinic that offers comprehensive medical services to patients in a friendly, professional environment.

Louis H.

Your people took a stroke victim and in 5 weeks allowed him to return to work. NONE of the MDs or friends can believe it! Thank you more than I know how to say.


Halley suffered a traumatic brain injury in May of 2001. She had just turned 4 years old. She began HBOT in June 2004. She has received 200 treatments as of November 2006 and we have seen remarkable improvement. After her 1st round her impulsivity decreased, her attention span increased and she began doing much better at school. After each session we see gradual improvement. We have seen improvement in all areas: behavior, processing, academics, and maturity. There was some regression one time, but she regained what she lost after only a few months and continued to get even better after the next 40 treatments.

We have no doubt that HBOT has helped Halley improve dramatically. I’m sure we will continue with treatments as long as we continue to see her get better.

Virginia M.

I am doing this primarily for wound treatment but find it also extremely helpful in improving/recovering cognitive skills and very effective for detoxing.

Cathy K.

I have liver cirrhosis very bad; my liver physician was recommending to have a transplant workup and possible transplant procedures. I was looking into alternative treatments. A friend who was a nutritionist referred me to Dr. Johnson as a good resource for treatment therapies.

My husband and I discussed treatment options with Dr. Johnson and decided on Hyperbaric Treatment. My liver enzymes and lab results improved over the 30 days of double dives and has remained improved with treatments.

I would recommend hyperbaric treatments to anyone with liver problems. They work. The staff is exceptional and very accommodating with schedule changes. They go that extra mile to make you feel comfortable during the treatment therapy.


 I can say now after neurofeedback and your counsel, I believe my son is set up for success in life. After being diagnosed as ADHD as a child and on meds, this became a band aid for his true health. He depended heavily on medicine just to feel normal. We soon saw improvement weeks into neurofeedback. My son has learned life habits that will improve his quality of life. He is now medicine free and has no side effects or crashes at the end of the day. For the first time in a long time, I feel I have my son back! On behalf on my entire family, thank you!


I came to your office in tremendous physical and emotional pain, and the care I have received has been thorough, highly effective, and life-changing for me and my family. I have been going to many doctors since I sustained combat injuries, and have had several surgeries. None have been as effective as you and your team’s work. I feel like I am getting my life back again. My mental state is improving and I have been able to get off two of my medications. You have amazing team members that care.

Erik Fishman
Toxic Mold Patient

I came to Dr. Johnson hoping to address a long term mold exposure issue I had been dealing with. He was able to treat me effectively and I no longer have abnormal levels of toxic mold exposure, my symptoms also went away completely. Dr. J has also helped me navigate multiple cases of Covid-19, chronic fatigue, and a bad case of appendicitis. I feel extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with This practice and I recommend it highly. While this office excels in the treatment of patients with difficult/complex cases, they have proven extremely helpful and timely in the treatment of things as small as a flu or a stomachy bug. If you are reading this and you have been dealing with chronic fatigue, mold exposure, lyme disease, or anything that has proven difficult to resolve, I would highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Johnson.

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