Suzan Kearney

Stress, Anxiety, and Trauma Relief


Suzan Kearney has a passion for happiness.  She has taught it for over 20 years and has lived it for most of those years.  She began her teaching career in 1995 in a hotbed of happiness – a second-grade classroom.  In this incubator of instruction, she learned the basics of PEOPLE and how a person’s beliefs and baseline resiliency drive their ability to master their life.  As her teaching career put her in front a wide array of audiences from kids to their parents to fellow teachers, Suzan realized that most people are driven by a short list of common motivations, regardless of age, gender, or any of the other ways that people try to differentiate themselves from each other.

Then, in 2004, tragedy struck in her own life and things got real – real fast.  Through the power and elegance of Reiki, Rapid Eye Technology, and its accompanying Skills for Life principles, she was able to recover her life, her health and her life’s direction.  This marked the shift in her mission from school kids to private practice and a broader audience.

Since 2004, she has walked beside hundreds of people in their own processes to remember and reclaim their lives through limbic re-regulation and neurologically-based stress management techniques. She has worked with a wide variety of private practice clients, and on long-term projects in healthcare settings, including nursing homes, independent living facilities, hospice, and acute psychiatric care facilities.

Suzan facilitates and teaches from the heart using neurological tools designed to access the unconscious and subconscious patterns, with a dash of humor and lots of love.  Suzan lives locally with her husband (retired FDNY and fellow limbic regulation practitioner), two daughters, two dogs and two cats.  In addition to her long-time affiliation with Living Well Dallas (2006), she is also President and Co-Owner of Still Waters Wellness (2011), providing pain and stress relief to the healthcare community.  She is thrilled to also be partnered with Johnson Medical Associates (2107) and other local doctors.

Suzan seamlessly integrates

THREE synergistic modalities:

  • Rapid Eye Technology (accessing the limbic brain via the eyes and auditory input),
  • Bowenwork (accessing the stressors in the connections between the body and the limbic brain via the fascia and accompanying soft tissue)
  • Health Kinesiology (accessing trauma and stressors held in the mind/body system’s electrical control system).

Each of these modalities is very different, and yet can be woven together, yielding impressive & long-lasting results physically, emotionally and mentally.

Suzan’s Degrees, Trainings, and Certifications:

  • Master Rapid Eye Technician (Rapid Eye Institute, 2007)
  • Immediate Release Technique Practitioner (Rapid Eye Institute, 2007)
  • Near Infrared Light Technician  (Anodyne Therapy Systems, 2016)
  • Gary DeRodriguez MasterMind 2016 (Peopleistic, 2016)
  • Bowenwork Practitioner – Bowenwork USA (2017)
  • Health Kinesiology Level Three (2017)
  • BA (University of Dallas, 1995)
  • Ed. (Texas Woman’s University, 2003)
  • Reiki Master Teacher (2004)
  • EFT Advanced Practitioner – (2005)
  • Skills For Life Facilitator – Individual & Group (Rapid Eye Institute, 2005)
  • Rapid Eye Technician (Rapid Eye Institute, 2005)

Suzan’s Areas of Expertise

  • Trauma (chronic and acute, physical/emotional/mental/spiritual)
  • Environmental Illness (including MCS, CF)
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Sports Performance (professional, club, elite, and recreational athletes)
  • Chronic and/or idiopathic pain (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)
  • Compassion Fatigue (caregiver burnout)
  • Addiction