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    When you’re searching for help, it might feel like you’re by yourself. But we want you to know that there are solutions for your health problems. We focus on finding the main reason for your health issues and improving your health and energy with special treatments and therapies that are made just for you.


    Supporting Dr. Johnson is a staff consisting of a Nurse Practitioner, certified Medical Assistants, and other qualified individuals with experience in multiple therapies, including massage, homeopathy, and rapid eye technology.


    Dr. Johnson is a doctor of internal and environmental medicine with 35+ years experience in the areas of chronic illness, toxic exposures, allergy, and the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to address a multitude of conditions.

    We offer treatment for the following:

    On your initial visit, it is important to understand your medical concerns and goals. A thorough history, along with a review of medical records, help us in developing a diagnostic assessment procedure that will result in identifying your underlying medical problems. A treatment plan is then designed for optimal results.

    Allergy treatment is prescribed for patients needing to build up tolerance and reduce symptoms to the items to which they are allergic. This process is done through using preservative-free extracts to minimize adverse reactions and maximize therapeutic response.

    This technique focuses on mobilizing areas of the body that have restricted range-of-motion and works to achieve optimal musculoskeletal function and reduce pain.

    Intravenous therapy is used for body detoxification and healing using vitamins and mineral combinations specifically designed for each individual’s medical condition.

    This therapy uses oral or intravenous chelating agents to bind to and enhance the excretion of toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury and gadolinium. Treatment protocols are tailored to each individual’s needs.

    Provided by Judith Pruzzo, a traditional homeopath.

    Specific diets are sometimes directed by our staff to avoid reactive foods and optimize nutritional requirements.

    Breathing 100% oxygen under pressure provides enhanced healing of damaged tissues resulting in more rapid recovery from injury, trauma, and surgery.

    Optimizes pre-menopausal and post-menopausal hormonal replacement to each individual with minimal side effects.

    Provided by Maria Szabo-Pardi, this therapy enhances flexibility, decreases pain, and increases mobilization of lymphatic fluids to enhance wellbeing.

    Johnson Medical Associates is a state-of-the-art medical clinic that offers comprehensive medical services to patients in a friendly, professional environment.

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