Lyme Disease Treatment

The true diagnosis is often obscured by numerous chronic symptoms and many confusing tests that may or may not help in making the correct diagnosis. Symptoms may have been prevalent for years and assumed to be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia, both with mystifying causes. Most individuals have seen a variety of physicians with numerous and chronic symptoms and varying diagnosis, not getting any answers or treatment that improves their health. More recent onset of symptoms including joint pains, fever, rash and cognitive problems may be acute Lyme or other infective agent. The quicker the correct diagnosis and treatment generally produces a better outcome.

At Johnson Medical Associates, Dr. Johnson, believes in finding the underlying cause and to formulate specific treatment. Newer tests are available to look for infective agents that are similar to Lyme and vector born that may be the cause and require different treatment than that of Lyme. Environmental factors, such as allergies, and chemical and mold toxins, may be the cause or complicate the medical condition and thus confuse the diagnosis and treatment. Only after listening to the patient and obtaining a thorough history and physical with review or prior medical records can a unified approach to the patient’s condition be mutually agreed by patient and physician. It is most important that the patient understand what each diagnostic test will accomplish.

Once the specific test results are available then individual and specific treatment can begin. This may be a simple as an oral antibiotic or much more intense with nutrient and antibiotic IV’s, allergy treatment, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to enhance the effectiveness of the antibiotic and help the body’s affected cells to heal. A comprehensive and specific treatment approach is a must to get effective treatment outcomes.

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