Multiple Therapeutic Massage Techniques from Experts in the Field

Massage therapy at Johnson Medical Associates offers unmatchable benefits, including alleviating muscle and lower-back pain, helping athletes recover from strenuous workouts, increasing joint flexibility, promoting tissue regeneration, improving circulation, reducing spasms and cramping, reliving migraine pain, and much more.

Techniques offered by our skilled massage therapist include:

  • Manual lymphatic drainage for toxic exposure
  • Edema reduction
  • Myofascial release for trauma
  • Inflammatory response from surgical procedures
  • Myofascial restrictions
  • Neuromuscular therapy for chronic pain
  • Sports injury therapy
  • Massage for muscle repair and tension release

Therapeutic Massage Techniques Extended Descriptions

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A very gentle type of massage therapy used to drain excess fluid from the body in order to improve the overall function of the lymphatic system. It’s also a very effective way to detoxify the body.

Neuromuscular Therapy

A hands-on treatment that applies continuous pressure for a short period of time on areas suffering from muscle spasms.

Neuromuscular Therapy is used to treat and/or relieve:

  • Chronic pain associated with sports injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Rotator cuff dysfunction
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Migrains
  • Lower back pain

Sport Massage

Encourages muscle repair after training and helps release any built up tension and lactic acid in overworked muscles.  This helps blood and oxygen return to muscles and promotes quicker healing. Sports massage also encourages increased blood flow, joint range, flexibility, elimination of lactic acid buildup, and a decreased chance of injury.

Myofascial Release

A safe and effective hands-on technique which involves the application of gentle and sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue in order to eliminate pain and restore motion. This technique is very effective for fibromyalgia, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic pains, sports injuries, and vehicle accidents.

About our Massage Therapist

Our therapeutic massage service is offered by Maria Szabo-Pardi. Maria is originally from Romania, where she graduated from the University of Babes Boyai. She has practiced physical therapy for many years, and her specialties are orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation.

Maria’s physical therapy background, combined with 21 years of massage therapy experience, has made her an expert in the techniques that are suitable for alleviating symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sports injuries, orthopedic injuries, vehicle accidents, and migraines.

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