Allergies – Testing and Treatment

Dr. Johnson and his staff combine decades of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions associated with moderate to severe allergies.

Dr. Johnson – Comprehensive Allergy Diagnosis & Treatment Options

Here at Johnson Medical Associates, we evaluate people for all kinds of allergies. Dr. Johnson discusses our personalized process and your customization options.


Seasonal Allergies

Environmental Allergies

This includes issues with pollen, dust, and seasonal allergies that affect many during certain times of the year.

Mold Allergies

Damp environments can result in mold growth, which can result in unpleasant symptoms for many individuals. You can learn more about mold and mold treatment here

Food Allergies

Food Allergies

We can evaluate your specific sensitivities to many foods, whether through skin tests, blood tests, or other methods to find the right treatment for you.

Chemical Allergies

Some individuals have sensitivities to chemicals in cleaning product, personal care products, or other items commonly found in our everyday lives. We can evaluate your unique situation and develop a treatment plan.


Comprehensive History

Before any testing, a thorough medical history is done to evaluate the whole person and their particular needs.

Sensitivity Testing

Sensitivity to items is evaluated using preservative-free antigens, using an intradermal (beneath the skin injection) technique to determine skin sensitivity. This is different from the traditional, better-known prick test or scratch test, as it is more sensitive, and it allows us to better customize your allergy treatment.

Blood Testing

Advanced Blood Panel

Further evaluation for sensitivities can be done through IgG and IgE blood testing for molds, foods and other items. These can evaluate chronic sensitivities that can cause irritable bowel or other issues.

Think you might be experiencing symptoms of allergies?

Diagnosing and treating this condition is one of our specialties.

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