Blood Toxicity Tests in Dallas, TX

Mercury, Lead and Cadmium are heavy metals that are toxic to the nervous system and cell function, and are particularly damaging to young children and to the unborn fetus. Mothers-to-be are at great risk as well, because the metals pass through their blood stream to their fetus.

Significant exposure has resulted in mental retardation and numerous types of nervous system disturbances as well as some cases of Autism. The metals are absorbed and bound to body tissue, affects nerve cell growth, the DNA, the RNA, and cell replication, resulting in an increase of free radicals.

Toxicity can be evaluated through specialized blood tests and additionally, if necessary, specific challenge tests and can be done at Johnson Medical Associates, P.A (JMA) to determine and assess your body’s true load or burden and your level of heavy metal toxicity.

Sources of contamination include polluted air, water, and food as well as thimerosal (a mercury compound) used traditionally as a preservative in most vaccinations, and ophthalmic (eye) drops and ointments. However, many vaccines and ophthalmic preparations now advertise and promote the fact that they are thimerosal-free.

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